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Can't finish Medical Attention


I’ve just started a new account after getting stuck, but for some reasond every time I succesfully finish it always say “Ran Out Of Time”


Er, you haven’t quite finished it successfully. Specifically, I can see an Ogre M and two Scouts still alive.


should I get something to speed up my character than?


I redid the level, and killed everything, but I still can’t complete the level…then I noticed that the particals are showing at the bottom left corner of the screen


One of my students had the same problem. No enemies were appearing causing him to time out. I was still able to beat it though, but I have the ring of speed and reset my position to the middle when there are no enemies.

Played level without ring of speed. Now I can’t beat it either. Definitely a bug. I noticed that the enemies changed since yesterday too (no more shamans who kill your soldiers when they are getting healed)

For now just skip ahead to the next level:


thanks Hinkle, but I manged to beat it by switching to a warrior and it somehow worked (try switching). Thanks anyway!


Hey everybody,

I apologize for the bugs from last night. It’s since been fixed because I am currently trying to improve Medical Attention to bring it’s quality up to par with the other levels (and knock down the difficulty substantially.) The changes were somewhat tested but I really am sorry that you got blocked for a bit!

I implemented further fixes and have tested both the Course and Campaign versions to verify that the level is beatable once again. As you’ve noticed, @Hinkle, the shamans have been removed since they were just a bit too annoying to deal with easily. I’ve also changed the order and amount of enemies that spawn as well as some behind-the-scenes logic to ease the difficulty.

@Nubie207, those healing particles you were seeing are from the Healer healing the Soldier (but because of graphical troubles, the ‘spawned’ healing icon displays at (0,0) first, then moves up above the Soldier.)

Hopefully these changes will improve the curve for everyone involved!

Thanks! And sorry again about last night.