Can't go back to official campaign


I recently signed up to a coding camp, and on the first day, we did a course on computer science on CodeCombat, using a class code (BusSheepLamp). After I had done that, I was removed from the course and was allowed to do the normal CC campaign, but it didn’t let me. When I pressed continue playing, it brought me to the course list, which had no classes on it. I’m up to the last level in the Desert, and I’m partway through working it out, and it would be devastating for me to lose all of my progress



Only devs can change that. @maka can you help him change from course to campaign?

Hi there –

Yep, removing a student from a class just makes you a student with no content to play.

Email your CodeCombat username and I’ll de-student you.


Hey @maka,

Thanks for your help. I’ve sent the email