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Cant login into my google account


When I try to login into my google Account, codecombat logs in into a totally different account which is still on level 1.

How do I stop if from doing that?
It happens as soon as I only click on login, I don’t even have the time to click login with google+

I tried deleting all cookies already and there is no saved password for codecombat, as I originally used google+


SECURITY-HINT: Please do not start to post any login-details here. As this topic is publicly visible, anyone could steal them.

Contact a moderator with the account you log want to login (== your real username) and the account you login with instead (== the wrong account). The best person to contact is @nick, as he is one of the owners of CodeCombat. This post notifies him of the issue, so you should soon receive help.


Try opening an incognito window in Chrome, which should definitely not be logged into anything:

Then try logging in with G+. It should ask you which Google account to log into. If you pick the correct Google account and it still logs you into this other first-level account, then somehow the association is incorrect and we’ll have to set up a password for you to get in. If you remember the username or password of the intended account, please message me.