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Can not log in! pleasee helpp

Hello! So, last year in school I ALWAYS played code combat but I used a different google account than my school account. But, this year they made it so that you can no longer have an account other than the school account. Is there a way that you guys can switch the email on that account? I know my email and password for the google account that is hooked up to the Code Combat account if that helps any.

Hi, welcome to the CodeCombat discourse. Just to clarify, do you want to change you student account to a usual account? If so @stephanie should be able to fix that. If not please clarify your issue and we’ll go from there.

I want all of the progress and items that I had on that account to be on this account.

If you’ve signed up using G+ it’s deprecated. If you want to change the email, but you cannot log-in, @Support can help you.

What does deprecated mean? Also, I already tried to post the same thing tagging their @ a few days ago but did not seem to get their attention :frowning:

@CranKeD_Wired we can change the email and CodeCombat password for you, for the account in question. However, we cannot update your google sign on credentials for the account. So you would need to login using the CodeCombat form instead. Just let us know how you would like to proceed.