Email not found

i have account and play until yesterday but today when i want login it say “Email not found.” what happen to my account?

you might need to provide a little more info… (like old account name, etc)

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my name is “codebuster6” and if you see “Backwoods Treasure” I was on tope of list in “difficulty today”

Same problem here with my email address "".


It got me too. My forum login still works but for the game I’m getting email not found.

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Me too. can’t log in

I can’t log in too, it only says “Email not found”. But my brother who created an account only a day or two before me can still log in with his email? The only difference is that I subscribed and he didn’t. He also did all the levels with python and I used javascript.

Same here,
I am very sorry to say that this is not just some error, this is kind of a NO GO for me. If this doesn’t get resolved soon i’m cancelling my subscription. I’m a paying member, we deserve a little more quality then this…

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Same here.

Working on this now, guys; I’ll let you know when I figure it out.

sh :bamboo: t happend.
I can’t login also.
Login “Hatsker”

Thank you and good luck!! :relaxed:

Just logged on works fine for me

Really sorry about this, guys. I was running a script last night to reset the purchases on users with negative gem counts due to last week’s momentary kerfluffle where we awarded 5000 extra gems to some players, then they bought stuff, then we took the gems back, and they had negative gems. Only, the database queries I was using were bad, and instead it targeted a few more users than that. Furthermore, when I ran the last piece of it to reset the purchases for those users, it accidentally saved incomplete versions of the user objects instead of the full data. These were my mistakes; it was my fault, and I’m sorry.

We’ve just finished recovering all the affected accounts from a backup, recalculating their play statistics, and recalculating their achievements on top of that, so you should have your account info back now. Unfortunately, the backup was a few days old, because we just ran out of space on the backup server, and the backup that should have happened four hours before the data loss wasn’t created.

The only data that should have been lost was any settings you changed on your account, like email notification preferences, in the past few days. Additionally, if you bought gems in the past few days, or if your subscription renewed in that time, we might not have the most up-to-date copy of your purchased gem count, so please let me know so I can make sure not to miss you when restoring those. I’ll be investigating further to look for any discrepancies like that.

All is working fine now. Thank you very much!

@nick get the email not found when I try to log in to code combat. My code combat email should be the same as this forum email. My username is the same as well.

Thank you.

I’ve been trying to create an account for a day and the email they send you isn’t showing up I’ve searched 4 times in the last ten minutes!!!

Huh, strange. When I created an account, it was there immediately. Could you send a screenshot of the screen when you create an account?

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Mkay I will do that later

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No problem. I have holidays so I have time :grin: