Cast sound not used

I commanded witch to cast heal on me and there was no cast sound. Is it a bug?

Well, is your tab on mute?

No it is not. 20 chars

@RangerGrant9307, are you sure there is a sound when a witch casts heal

Yes. I am 100% sure. here is proof CodeCombat - Coding games to learn Python and JavaScript click sound triggers, cast, then click the sound button.

Oh. We might have to call the staff.

@Chaboi_3000 Is this normal?

Also, once I had 9 witches cast heal on me and no supound, and volume was max

Maybe cause you’re not supposed to command them.

I used thang editor. I can command them. Check your messages. I sent you pictures of my thang I made.

I know. But that is just a made thing not a real in game thing.

Yeah… but I heard the cast sound ONCE.

No no I think @Eric_Tang is on to something here @RangerGrant9307.