Caverns Survival Gear update help! PLEASE!

So I don’t know why but whenever I replay the cavern survival and beat it when I watch my game in the ladder it has my super old gear and code from when I first played cavern survival. Why? I click Play as Blue
against the CPU and I have my terrible gear from 2 weeks ago… When I play as red it updates my gear though.

Suprisingly Im in 477th place with the 600 hp XD and the noob code…

Also why does my rating go down when I win?
I was at 6347 then I resubmitted, won 5 lost 0, and am at 5896. Why?

Since both sides are not equivalent you will need to equip your best gear for both sides. Also, your rating is your place out of all the people who play Cavern Survival.

See but the thing is, I click play cavern survival, set up my gear, but always am on the red side.
If I manually go to cavern survivla and clikc play as blue there is no gear select screen.

Use the “Change Hero” button inside the help.