[SOLVED]Rank in cavern survival

my rank in cavern survival won’t move up when I have played a lot of rounds already

@ineedhelpwithcoding have you tried simulating games?

yeah they help you move up in ranks like me 68 in cavern survival

yes like 2 per 10 min I think wait
is that how you move up the ranks?

About half of your simulations simulate your own games.

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oh thanks

wait so if i just open 10 tabs that are simulating my rank will go up???

You’d still have to win for ranking up, but it runs your matches faster.

oh thanks(again)(REMOVE 20 CHARS)

um your 117 and I’m 118 I’m coming for you

another question I just won against someone and then my rank went down(sometimes it happens)

It depends on your wins/match

what do you mean?(remove20chars)

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i don’t wanna make another topic but how is this possible?

Maybe they can wear tarnished copper band, the best armor, and stuff. But I think it is saying that the other guy will win because it already ran the match. This has happened to me it is no bug.

no i meant it says i won but he is still alive

It happens to me I think it is just code combat being slow not a bug


i am pretty sure its a bug