CHALLANGE :D take the most useless hero and make a good code for it :3

im bored so whi not if i could afford prizes (like free nitro) i wood but yea im broke (ah yes i wood)

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personally the heroes ima limit to is gonna be naria, gordon, arryn and hatori ig

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Too easy. Gordon will lead! He never was useless hero.


ig you shoulda put illia cuz she kinda trash, i mean one of her abilities reqs a shield with bash() unlike pretty much every other abilty of heroes they dont need anything and who would ever uses force push or shield dome tbh and reflect is just for the sweaty CC players who got fed up with projectiles and her stats are very similar to the starting chars

lol idk why i wrote an essay on how illia suck XD

I have to disagree. Illia’s abilities are incredible if used properly.

ig just like nobody uses her lol cuz they think shes useless.

anyways kinda off-topic