What does your main hero say about you?

idk im bored so I pretty much started a topic that would describe all CC players by their chracters. all chracterizations are welcome.

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Gordon: couldnt afford Okar, so u had to go with the cheaper option.

naria: wanted free invis cuz they couldnt get the precious

if u use the non-sub characters, u dont wanna spend gems on heros or u dont have membership. not the best heros but not the worst either

true 20charsmustburnnnn

ritic: Just wanted to use the most op character in the game ig

nah i dont wanna use the most op character in the g-
ur talking abt the hero

i used ritic just because he is a really good ranger and i like that class if there where a more op character i would still use ritic

ɑs someone who cɑn’t ɑfford Okɑr, I cɑn confirm thɑt this is true.

You don’t have okar I have all the heros on my main account

me 2 but anyways
Nalfar: I just wanted to sacrifice smth fr
Usara: I like robobombs :smiley:
senick: needed heal

omarn: the ppl who seen harry potter and wanna make potions too

naria: No one. Legit no one (except nemoyatfishing or nick for his insane razordisc dodge code)

Okar: you either have a lot of gems and bought him for the op dmg and defense or your just a guy in a course who used it for free

nah this is okar

Okar: thicc boy with club go BRRRRR

lol both yalls r good

I’d say ritics is more for the memez and arthur’s is more legit describing the ppl who use him but they both good XD

also where exactly does nick have this razordisc dodge code?

bet he cant dodge the shredder

i said okar cuz i use him for free in course LOLLLL