Challenge level: mountain siege

the ogres have flanked your army and surrounded your capital.
and the only thing that lies between them and human surrender is your massive army and the small town of Beansville.

can you repel the invasion and send them running for the hills? Click here to find out:

(this is a challenge level very difficult to beat and try thinking outside the box )

bad tip

try targetting the shamans first

oh and also its optional so if its too hard don’t try it

Is this a level that give gem

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nope player created levels dont give gems

oh :frowning_face: :frowning_face: but maybe I will play it

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now it has goals and you can beat it

Also can you change this from Artisan to Adventurer

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@cheddarcheese it says error loading from server. try refreshing the page

I think you forgot to publish it, go into save and select publish.

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it has been changed 20 chars

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Thank you cheddarcheese

Thank you cheddarcheese, it’s very fun.

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A bit too easy, but fun level! :grin:
Screenshot 2021-10-09 11.43.06

I thik it is hard moonwatcher348

Update: i made it harder and changed the story

Oh no, will my code still work? :open_mouth: xD

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I think you made it too hard, I’m running stuff in the background and EVEN THEN I still can’t win…

it is a chalenge level isnt it?
if its too hard try taking a break from the level


I might add reinforcements if I can learn how to use the invisible well thing

Well I could break your projectiles and enemies attacking. xD

?? what do you mean??