Changing from student account

I tried to create a regular account, but this did not work, so I signed up as a student. However, I have tried it and would rather have an individual account like my older brother. Can this be changed?

Thanks much!

(Sorry to bother you, @nick, but I’ve read you can solve the problem.)

Editor’s note (from @maka):

If you need to be converted from a student or teacher to a individual account, email with the account information and the request.

Done! You should be able to play at now.


I’m the older brother in this situation, and I thought I should report the bugs we encountered trying to create an account. When we tried to sign in via Google+ account, we got a message that there was no Google+ account associated with the specified email address (which there was). When we tried to use the “create account” link, we filled out the birthdate, then hit “continue”, but it just turned the field outlines red with the word “required” above them.

(I did, by the way, write the post from Tiger_Man, but he doesn’t type quickly and wanted to get past the extra stuff to the coding, so I had his permission. He approved the content.)

I, too, am having this problem signing up for an individual account.

Having same problem with date of birth field when trying to create a new account - please help

Hello, @GundericusTheMighty @Bear @VikingWilks30.

May I know what browser are you using? Also, it would be great if you can share a screenshot of the error.

I’m using Firefox 47.0. Here are the screenshots:

I believe that Google Chrome is the fastest browser for CodeCombat. I recommend using it.

Should be fixed now in Firefox–thanks for the bug report!

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Hi sorry for revisiting this old post, but I’d like to switch from a student account to the individual account as well, @nick could you give me a hand please?

Sorry for asking, but can you switch me from a student to a individual account,please?

Hi. Email your request to with your username.


Could you switch me from a student to a individual account, please?:sweat:

Hi there,
I’ve realized that since I cannot verify who you are through the forum, I’ll need you to email with your request.


Nick can you please help me too. My account is stuck in student mode and I can’t figure out how to log out. My account user name is GodCode(church) and my name is Justin Xu

In the post right above yours is an email address. Send your request there.

Mister Munk has the right of it. Contact with your request.

Would like to switch from teacher to individual account

If you read the other posts in this thread there is an email address to send your request. This board cannot help with this issue.

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