Changing language in level zero sum

Usually when loading a level in the campaign there is the possibility to change the language you want to use, by choosing change hero and clicking on the dropdown menu for languages. See also: How do I change the programming language?

However, in the level zero-sum in the Cloudrip Mountain, you do not play with your own hero and equipment. The play button takes you directly to the level and there is no possibility to click on the change hero button.

Is there another way to change the language? Am I missing something or should this be fixed?

Yes, with Zero-Sum there is no Hero change, since everyone is “Pender” with fixed equipment.

If you click on “Levels” it takes you to the ladder page from there you can select “Play as Humans/Ogres” which allows you to switch your language and a simple choice of opponent strength.

Thanks for your reply. Maybe I should have added this information, but I already tried playing it on ladder and it allowed me to enter javascript code. When I returned to the campaign however, the language was still set to python.