Chat about Defly and lol beans

Here is chat for servers time laggcomedy and fun and again chat. (:/)

I hate lol beans. I’ve tried, and that’s the kind of game where I will take a hammer to the computer.


I’m not really interested in It’s not my type of game.
The first two replies: bad reviews of both games :grimacing:

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What is exactly?

It’s a helicopter game where you shoot.


And build walls while trying to destroy other’s walls.


That sounds… Kinda fun… if you know what your doing. I will give it a go sometime.

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i think its good playing on defuse rather than the rest and u got a know which server is right cuz once my internet was laggy and i got 57896 ping

i love its the basssst!! i got first place sooo many times :smiley:

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yea i agree i have probbably got more 1sts 2nds and 3rds than u.

I always get disqualified in the 3rd round. Hammer thing was hard. And the spiky spinning thing was annoying. I like the blue slide(not the white one with holes).

I got a whole bunch of 5ths and a few 1sts. I only played for 1 week. I’m level 11.

im lvl 28 :smiley: (20 exciteds)

Wow, you must be a pro!

no i just played a LOT, then i took a 2 month break and forgot about it until now

anyone play ?

I took 3 month break cuz it keeps repeating same maps. I hate the kitten rolling thing.

These other beans crash into me and we both get hit.

kittie kegs mwahahaha

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