Infinite Inferno Cup

This event should be going on. It says it right here:

If you look closely it says January through April 2021. Where is the event?

when does it end? well i suppose that it would end at April 30th

The event is blazing battle. You have to play the level.

I did play it. I am wondering why I don’t see the level for it? Is the event delayed?

It’s ongoing. I don’t think anything’s supposed to happen when you play it. As far as I can see you’re supposed to play blazing battle as long as the inferno cup lasts. The inferno cup is just the period of time where you’re supposed to play blazing battle. I think.


@Chaboi_3000 can you confirm this?

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How come the Infinite Inferno Cup level is not in the Multiplayer Arenas section?