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Clash Of Clans Level End of desert

İ cant solve this problem my stufs are these should l buy anything? and which codes l can use for these equipment

  1. we dont ask for solutions here, but we are welcome to help you
  2. Welcome we are happy to see you here!
  3. try buying the emperors gloves for 3300 gems
  4. if you need help with the code, post your code here using the </> button.


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okay wait l will send my codes and what does gloves does and is it about my sword l sent you codes l tried

def findWeakestEnemy():
    enemies = hero.findEnemies()
    weakest = None
    leastHealth = 99999
    enemyIndex = 0
    # Loop through enemies:
    for enemy in enemies:
        # If an enemy's health is less than least health:
            # Make it the weakest
            # and set leastHealth to its health
        return weakest

while True:
    # Find the weakest enemy with the function:
    weakestShaman = findWeakestEnemy()
    # If the weakest enemy here:
    if weakestShaman:

Whats wrong? Do you get any errors?

no just codes are too weak and she is attacking to yack

I cant open coco rn cause im in school but maybe check if your indents are good and if you dont have any spelling errors. Try also getting a better sword maybe but idk if you can afford it. The gloves make so you can shoot lightning but its probably not necessary for this level

are gloves need coin or we dont need any coin to shoot?

You dont need coins to shoot, but they have a specific Cooldown. I’m not sure right now though

well…mine is this and do you have anything that look like mine? it will help you get to the mountains

Thats not a glove

what glove?

jopro was talking about gloves not belts.

i didnt mean that ok? and my gloves are emperors golves
andit can do chain-lightning

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Its just that that is the one you equipped latest. I am talking about the emperors gloves that he has equipped

uhhhh my health between 3300-3450 my sword basic clever sword l have no pet l didnt sub my glasses which is with 100 gem my rings are making health 1.1 boots are move xy l reconizged how poor l am l just have all black health equipment :unamused:

but l have gem between 4000-4500 what should l buy with which is more important l am not sure yet because if l buy something wrong that will be maybe my only changes and l would waste my only change

wrong code im pretty sure as shamans are rarely used and im fairly sure i have seen muliple codes similar to this but for another desert level