Clash of Clones is broken [Solved]

Hey there,
I’ve been stuck on this level a whole YEAR and I’ve been a member of the game, not the forums tho, for 4 years. I would like to see any good code for Tharin, as I have not subscribed for the other heroes. Even better, nerf the thing because now I still get shredded and I have the runesword, enameled dragon armor, and other OP stuff but I still die.

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Welcome. Can you please post your code?

I read before i signed up for discourse anyway but thanks

I okay great. But you need to post your we can help you.

I don’t really know what to post as my code(i’ve done so many different iterations i don’t remember xD) I’m not asking for code actually. I’m just trying to figure out a good strategy as all of mine have failed. Do I need the emperor’s gloves? Sapphires sense stone? It said in the level description clones aren’t good at special moves, but i only have JumpTo. Another thing is the enemies health doubles when I’m going to win.

Im in python by the way

If you have good gear it is your code that is wrong or could be better.

Better armor is worse for this level, because your clone will have the same equipment as you, try getting equipment that have special abilities to use against your clone, like chain-lightning. You will still need health to survive the archers and ogres. Target the clone first, then retreat and then attack the ogres and archers.

i did do this one before it did take me a while to get through although i did get emperor before anything else and took it with me to the level and some good boots and try submitting over and over again editing it over and over again to see where i made the mistake and i made it through now if you do not have emperor or do not have the gems if you do want it i suggest starting over and going through again not buying a lot and saving until you can get it then once at clash of clones using it to take out some of the enemys and also using cleave a lot to get through for other characters like a healer if you sub then i suggest those or ritic to get through it

Cool, ill do challenge levels until i get that

I thought so, but i do have the best in game boots at the time, so thanks for the info, I’m already halfway to the gloves

you are welcome @Ashmit_Singh

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