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Clash of Clones Help!


Your code should be something like

while (true){
    var flag=hero.findFlag()
    var enemy=hero.findNearestEnemy()
    if flag{
    else if enemy{
        //Attack code
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Chaboi, thanks a ton here, I didn’t put the flag code in the while loop. I’ll try now with flags, as I understand yaks play a big role here.


Key is to cast invis and go behind enemy archers and kill all of them


Yeah it depends, if you have both chain lightning and invis, you can invis back and chain lightning the archers. :man_shrugging:


Hei Chaboi, thanks so much, I passed. Actually, the flags and yaks were helpful.


i am also stuck on this level but when i tried to un-equip my sword, it wouldn’t let me play. is there another way to win?


if i un-equip my sword, it won’t let me play.


Use boosts that your opponent doesn’t have, such as bash or chain-lightning.


if i do that, he can still use the sword. also, i don’t have chain lightning.


But bash comes from your shield, so you can use bash with a shield (there are some cheap bash shields) and attack with your sword.
I would also recommend quickly attacking the archers at the start.
:lion: :lion: :lion:


i tried that but the enemy just attacked them with a sword


It’s because the enemy can use attack().


so how do i stop them from attacking?


You can’t. (20 characters)


then can i prevent the clone of me from attacking?


I think I clearly stated that you can’t stop the clone from attacking.


i can’t un-equip my sword or it won’t let me play. how do un-equip the sword and still be able to play?


You can’t. It was patched long ago.


Equip a build hammer instead.


i can’t. that is restricted