"Cleave" Code..- What?

Hi! I am new to CodeCombat and I am now learning the “Cleave” Code. I have the things I need to work the code, just, can somebody give a brief description of what Cleaving is? Thank You.

Cleaving is a secondary attack mode that some weapons grant to the user. It damages all enemies within a small radius of the attacker rather than just one as usual. It has a cooldown period between cleaves.

Thank you!
Can I ask another question?
Well, where I have put in the code:
local enemy = self:findNearestEnemy()
if self:isReady(“cleave”) then

any idea what to put after?
I am such a noob at this but I am learning :slight_smile:

Never mind! I figured it out :wink:

No troubles, I was a bare bones newbie at this about a week ago, and I feel much more competent in Python now. That is half the purpose of the game! However, I only speak Python, so I will try to help break down the problem for you so you can write it on your own!

Ha! I was halfway through my response… what language are you using?

I am using Lua!
I felt it would be the easiest.