Cloudrip-brawl: Is this a bug?

I was going to play this level for first time and the firsts attempts running the code I had always around 20 seconds without ogres, and I assumed the first level was designed to let you collect money and summon soldiers before the battle.

I was winning by far but when I submitted the code, ogres appeared from the very beginning and I lost so badly. ( Specially annoying in this kind of levels)

I know the levels are supposed to be randomized but… Is it normal such a huge difference?

Level editor says that the ogres are supposed to be able to spawn as early as 2 seconds, so in your case it was quite interesting to get such a seed.

Supposedly one could add Math.random() to the top of the code to get a new seed when testing code, but I haven’t been able to get it working.

While random seed generation is to ensure some randomness in the level, sometimes it does make the level too easy or a too hard.

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