Co-op survival?

I know that coding new things, rather than just making levels, is an immensely hard process, but I would love a co-op level such as Backwoods Brawl etc.
You can collab with only one person(exceptions if your partner is abusive or mean or unresponsive), possibly formed through a clan/thread for getting a partner(but also possible to work with a friend)
Each of you can have 1 unsuccessful submit a day.
You can view your partners code and offer suggestions.
A new command, this.giveGold(towhom,amount), for giving your partner gold.
Gold spawns around the map(such as Cloudrip brawl)
Possible problems:
Commanding would command both sides, a possible fix would to be to modify Dungeon survival to have gold spawns, and to have the other team be friends instead of enemies.
It might be too easy, having tharin with a great sword and an invisible wizard healing him. Possibly destroyed by spamming Ogre Witches and other powerful enemies.

Anyways, I think it would be amazing, and I think that with a little tweaking, the Dungeon Survival could become a closed beta environment for this.

Thanks for reading and tolerating my uninformed ideas!

This isn’t 9GAG, so i’m not gonna put a potato at the end of a long post


Giving this some thought I moved from good idea to probably bad - here’s why:

The balance of difficulty appears to me to be closely tied to the fact that you are ‘single threaded’. Having two simultaneous commands running would necessitate artificial difficulty which is another way of saying intentionally frustrating for frustration’s own sake.

If the goal of the game is to teach you and me to program, while there might be more complex possibilities out there, you sort of shoot yourself in the foot when someone else might effectively beat the level for you or vice versa.

How do you split the loot? It’s not fair for two people to have an advantage if they both get all the loot, and if you split it then you diminish the total amount of gems it’s ever possible for you to acquire without purchasing more. The merits of that one are going to be seen differently by different users. Unless you got not loot and it was just for fun…

But to expand on your idea:
Maybe players could have the option of writing either “supporting role” code or “offensive role” code and through an upvote-downvote system you could pick from a list of another players’ code to be your partner? Maybe give a 50 word description of what your code does and you can’t see the other guy’s code unless they flag it to let people see it? Mysterious magic awesomeness code or freely available depending on how its author wants it done. That might be fun and would introduce competition without advantaging or disadvantaging anyone.

I think the loot would be easy, either making players get half normal loot or make the difficulty higher. The problem of one-sidedness could be addressed by pairing you with a player with a similar level/dps/health.
And while CodeCombat is to teach people to code, the survival levels are mostly to have fun as they introduce no new concepts.
I think it could work, but would take testing and an immense effort.