Code editor hidden

Hello guys, hope you are fine. I have a problem, when I want to play in JS or any other language, I can not see the code editor to make my guy move.

Any idea of What is happening ?

Peace out

Can you send a screenshot?

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Hello and welcome to the Code Combat discourse. :partying_face: We have some amazing people who would LOVE to help you with bugs, creating levels, and getting through levels. Don’t forget though, when you need help, create a new level, and format your code correctly Or, you can just chat with others in topics. Please go to this topic: here to see more details. We would be happy to just chat with you to!

Hello @Martin_Ferret and welcome to the forum :partying_face: This is a friendly place where you can ask help on levels, report bugs, or just talk with other coders. Hope you enjoy your time here.

Did you try refreshing the page or closing then reopening the tab again? You can also try signing out and back in if that didn’t work.

Plus, is it for a specific level or all levels?

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