CodeCombat Class - What are gems used for?

When completing level 2 of CS intro (Gems in the deep), students see “You will find a use for these gems soon”. When will these gems be useful? What for?

CodeCombat for individual provides the ability to win (and later spend) gems and other resources. This seems appealing to a younger audience. I’m wondering if there is something similar for the Class version.



Any ideas @stephanie?

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@pdrolet @Chaboi_3000 – I think the classroom version should not say this or maybe it is referring to something later on in Game Development that I am not aware of or that is currently coming to mind.

This is a popular question as it relates to the home version vs the classroom version. We do have less game play options in the classroom version because the items which you can purchase with gems are tied to methods required for a given level.

So if you did not equip with the right items (or even right hero) you will not be able to pass the level even if your code is correct in the home version. You can imagine this would be very hard to troubleshoot in a large class of students all at one time.

In the classroom version we supply all the required items needed for a level. These of course are the items you find in the “methods” section. This allows for the teacher and support to focus on the student’s actual code when issues arise.

Also, I must point out we do not offer any tracking features as it relates to the home version. So, what the classroom version lacks in game play options it makes up for with the student tracking features. This of course is to improve the usability of the game in a classroom setting.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions!

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