{SOLVED} FOMO about spending gems, thus making game too easy

Hello there,

I’ve started playing CC a few days ago and I love it.

Thing is though I’m scared to spend any gems, I currently am at the beginning of the Desert levels and haven’t bought much, just enough to be around 300 health with my swordsman. I’m sitting on almost 30000 gems. Here are my concerns:

  • I’m mainly here to learn code, and even though I like the recreative aspects of this platform, I feel like it won’t be as much as a coding challenge if I get too many HP and over-powered methods. Should I even bother buying anything more than the occasional armor buff to keep up with foes as advised by the hints (I have no problem doing levels that are advised for 500 HP at my level)?

  • On the other hand, am I missing out on some new functions and ways to learn by refusing to spend gems ? What are some items I can buy to give me more creative possibilites without spoiling the challenge and the spirit of the game ?

Thank you for reading, have a nice morning/evening/whatever it is when you’re reading this.


Hey @bribricot,
Thanks for sharing! CodeCombat is mainly intended for younger audiences who could use a “gamified” learning experience to make learning more motivating. That’s why we introduced this whole game-based learning platform that involves gems, equipment, and heroes. However, buying equipment will be necessary at a certain point as some levels serve as an equipment check to make sure the player is able to progress smoothly in the game. As you progress into later levels, you’d meet more powerful ogres that require better gear in order to defeat. Equipment itself(Armor + Sword) should not hinder learning in any way, so please feel free to purchase any gear without the worry of losing some learning. As for your second question, some items do unlock special abilities that are going to prove extremely useful in replayable brawls, multiplayer arenas, and combat-related levels. Those abilities will bring more creative choices in code without ruining the “spirit” of the level.


Thank you for your quick response, it makes me feel better !


The rings in particular give you special abilities. (sry, don’t know if I should be posting in this topic anymore)

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