CodeCombat Discord Halloween Event

It’s almost Halloween, and Discord added their own “Trick’ord Treat” bot! Join the CodeCombat Discord and race to win that “Champion of Halloween” title!

What it does
At random time intervals, it will spawn 1 unique trick or treaters in #halloween-bot. (They will just be a picture of a cartoon person in a Halloween costume), It will only do this if there someone is talking on the channel. (Or any channel) If no one is talking, no trick or treaters will appear. This bot will work until November 2nd, 2020, giving you a couple of days to finish your item collection while devouring the last of your Halloween candy.

What do I do when a trick or treater appears?
When a trick or treater appears, you can either choose to trick the person or treat the person. Do this by typing “h!trick” or “h!treat”. Whoever gives the trick/treat to the person first will get a random item in their inventory. You can see what items are in your inventory by doing “h!inventory”. The items to collect range from common trinkets such as Hairball to ultra-rare collectibles like a Miniature Crown.

Other info
The bot can show a scoreboard of who’s closest to completing their collection of trick-or-treat prizes, and whoever has the most items in your server will be given a special role (@Champion of Halloween). You can see the leaderboard by typing “h!leaderboard” in #halloween-bot. Only one person can have this role, so gather some more items and take their orange crown from them! The person with the highest score at the end of the event will receive the “Champion of Halloween” title in this forum!


The event is now over. Congrats to @ducky for winning! :tada: