New Discord Bot Features

CodeCombat Bot Update

Sir Tharin Thunderfist, our CodeCombat Discord Server Bot, just got a new major update introducing some new interactive features!


Bot Economy System

A new currency system on the bot is in the form of gems! Just like the real CodeCombat game. You can earn gems by opening the daily reward box using the /daily command! More methods to gain gems will be added soon!

Inventory System

Sometimes you will obtain rare items. You’d want to show them off then. By using the /inventory command you can brag your selection of heroes and items, in addition to the gem count!

Monthly Shop

For those who obtain enough gems, there’s a monthly shop that will sell a selection of rare items. (These items are currently also obtainable via. the Daily Box) If you can’t get RNG on your side, gems can help you out!

Daily Mystery Box

Test your luck every day by opening the Daily Mystery Box! You may perhaps get something valuable! Usually you will get a handful of gems, but if you are lucky, you may also unlock a new item or hero.
And for those who are truly lucky…A special reward may appear!

For those who aren’t on the server yet. Here’s an invite link! It’s an awesome place to chit-chat and have fun!