Codecombat is brocken!


Today, When i logged on to codecombat, It said that i need

you’ll need a subscription to play this level.( I do)

You’ll need to join a course to play this level.Back to my courses ( do have a course)

Ask your teacher to assign a license to you so you can continue to play CodeCombatBack to my courses

( What? )

I don’t want to do the teacher or child!

I just want to play freely!


Creating teacher will erase my progress! GAHH!

Student also, Will be monitered my teacher ( which is noone )


I’m also having this problem, I think it should be fixed by someone soon. (although I don’t have a subscription)

Hi. What is your codecombat nickname?

I see your account as a teacher one. Did you have an individual account for a home version of coco?

It seems like we had some temporary caching issue with a css file not loading around a deploy. Is this still showing up for you, or resolved now?

Resolved. Thank you!