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I can't play because I'm a teacher


Hello, I have activated the teacher mode for my account, because I wanted to try fonctionnality ( I make some mission of teaching ), but now I can’t play any level, the “/play” reroot me on dashboard page … How can I play and keep all my progression ?



Hello Pierre,

We have found there are technical issues brought about by users who are using both the Classroom and Home versions of CodeCombat and have made the decision to separate the two games entirely.

We are suggesting that those who need or want to play both that they create separate accounts for doing so. We apologize for the inconvenience.



Hi maka
Thanks for you answer. I have made a lot on this account, so I don’t want to restart, can I just disable teacher mode and create a new teacher account ?
I doesn’t see option for switch account type :confused:


@maka I was looking over achievements today and noticed that

Multiplayer Wakka Maul and Cross Bones show up on the achievements list even though they seem to require a student account to access? It might make sense to separate some of the achievements as well?



Email and ask them to convert your account back to a non-teacher. You’ll need to tell us your username or the email address you use to log in.




I’ll bring this up with the team. Thanks!



Actually, Harry, you can play these by going to:



same issue: