CodeCombat phone usability

Since I catch the bus to school, I don’t play CodeCombat as much, but I go on the discourse more. The phone version of CodeCombat is really bad, as I can only go in the first two worlds, and I can’t even go in the dungeon brawl. Can @Chaboi_3000 or @nick take a look at this.
Thanks in advance,

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I think CoCo is mainly for computa .


Yes, it was originally designed for computer. I don’t think the admins will look at this, but try playing in landscape mode.


I had the same problem on my iPad once, but @Chaboi_3000 said that CoCo is not supported on mobile devices. By me its fixed on the iPad

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It now works kinda ok on iPad, decent if you have an external keyboard. But yeah, it really isn’t going to work well on the smaller mobile phone form factor. A good mobile version will likely be an entirely new product.


Okay. Thanks for the response.:relaxed:

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Im playing on my PC and sometimes on my Ipad, with keyboard.
Playing on Ipad is ideal, as you can play it everywhere.

But i have experienced some issues when playing on the ipad, What browser do you recommend?
So far i have tried Safari, and Chrome and they both have the same issue.

1: You cant move the “map” of the level, only zoom in / out.
2: Somtimes the text’s and popup widows are outside of full screen, so you can only see half of the text.
It works the same on both safari and chrome.

Well, I dont think there is Firefox for iPad. I had the same problem, but its probably not going to be fixed soon. As nick said, if coco will ever become mobile, it will be an entirely new product

I’ve tried safari + iPad Pro + keyboard, and it was manageable. However I’d recommend getting a smaller laptop since mobile versions aren’t “officially” supported.