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Singapore Connection Issues



I hope this is the right category to go with this issue.

First things first…this game is really amazing…best thing I stepped by for a while exploring the web! Last game I tried was RealTimeBattle (pretty old stuff from the 90’s or so) but not that awesome like the game you put in place! :blush:

However right now I’m in Singapore and I have trouble connecting I’m surfing the web using Safari on top of a MacBook Air all latest updates applied so far. The page is always loading and only half of the content appears in the browser, sometimes when I submit my code to send my little warrior on his journey the animation is very slow other times its working like a charm. As far as I know right now it seems not be an issue with my internet connection, I observed this issue using my connection at home (fibre), Starbucks(free wifi) and Wireless@SG. I haven’t tried my smartphone so far… but maybe I should give it a try as well. Anyway I really like to play and I’m just wondering if anybody else is experiencing the same issue or is it really related to my platform (Macbook Air and Safari) !?

I would really appreciate some advice on this issue.

Happy coding! :slight_smile:


Hello @tanis82,

Glad to see that you’re loving CodeCombat! :smile:

For the connection issue you’re having, I might recommend switching browsers (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, etc.), if that’s possible to manage. If that doesn’t work out, try using your smartphone like you said:[quote=“tanis82, post:1, topic:11326”]
I haven’t tried my smartphone so far… but maybe I should give it a try as well.
If that doesn’t help out either, I’m not sure how I can help since I do not use (or own, personally) a MacBook Air and I only use Safari on an iPad Air (also I do not live in Singapore). I’m sure @nick has all the solutions to this though.

Happy to help if this information is of use. :wink:

Again, really glad to see you’re loving CodeCombat, and happy coding to you too! :slight_smile:



In my past experience it works better on Chrome or Firefox. Safari isn’t that reliable for code combat.


Safari is good for CodeCombat Discourse but not the actual CodeCombat gaming website; it keeps crashing. :smile:


@Hellenar and @BobBobson412

Ok, so a different browser should fix my issue - thanks guys! :blush:


You’re welcome @tanis82! :smile: