Codecombat the trails

i am trying to beet the level i have no code to begin with the level

The trials is a challenge level. You have to think of a code of your own. There are many solutions to this. If you need help contact @Chaboi_3000.

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but how do i contact

just type in @Chaboi_3000. Or contact our code combat team.

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but where do you contact :rofl::grimacing:

Just type in @ followed by the username of the person you want to contact. In my case, @Hellenar, or in Chaboi_3000’s case, @Chaboi_3000.

Or just contact the team:

@Chaboi_3000 like this

Yeah! :smile:

(20 characters)

Yes(must be 20 char)

what then @Chaboi_3000

What do you mean???

i just don,t now how you use it
@ Chaboi_3000