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Hello folks,
I am reaching out to you as it says to do so on the github page.

How can I get involved?

I work as a coding tutor. It would be nice to be able to code specific challenges for pupils, designed to target specific coding skills in a variety of ways.

My coding experience is medium ish :joy:

Hi @Joe_Bodian.
There are a few things you could do. If you wanted to create specific challenges/levels for your pupils you could go to the codecombat level editor and create your own level. ([Guide] Level Editor (OLD)), I would also look at other levels’ referee code (the code that comes up when you double click on the well which is always there in the thang section of the level editor). You do need to do some coding in coffeescript (??, I think), but it’s not too challenging.
Another thing you could play around with would be setting up a dev environment of CoCo (Part 1-How To Start “Hacking” Codecombat. (Mac)) or go to the dev environment page on gitub, I’m sending you back there! :grin: ( You may have already seen that. Also here’s the main helping page:
I hope that answers your question,

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Hello @Deadpool198,
Thank you for this, it is exactly what I was looking for!

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