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CodeCombat's adaptivity to student needs

Hi, I’m a computer science student that came across CodeCombat. Before anything, I just wanted to say that I think the platform is very cool and has great potential to reinforce the teaching of programming topics and concepts.

In the last few days I’ve been digging into the different levels and mechanics of this coding game and I came across something that I found very interesting, but could not find further details about. In the Educator FAQ, the question #14 ( says that CodeCombat addresses the different student learning needs by providing a “personalized learning experience”. In order to do that, there’s two mechanics in the game: hints and practice levels. The former is quite straightforward, but the latter mentions something even more interesting: “When the game detects that a student has struggled with a level, the game adapts so the student has more opportunity to practice the same skill until they improve”. I am particularly interested in that clause, and questions like “How does the game “detects” that a student is struggling?” and “How does the game “adapts”?” come to my mind. And so I was wondering if someone could maybe explain to me how does that mechanic work.

Hi @christianempire, welcome to the CodeCombat Discourse!
I think the algorithm might work with something like: how long you take, how many errors you make, how many times you come back to the level, how long your code is.
If you want the exact code you can look for it on Github. (
If you can’t find it there, or if it just isn’t there, (I’m still not sure exactly how Github works, you probably know more about it than me if you’re a computer sciencs student :grin:) then you could try testing Kithkard mastery with new accounts (it’s a level that tests your skill in the dungeon and makes you do more levels if you’re slow on that level)


Just in case :wink:

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Will take a look! Thank you very much :smiley:

So, I did a little exploration of the github repository and it seems the levels themselves are stored somewhere else. Perhaps their source code is available only to the original level creators. Being that the case, would there be a chance to contact the creator of the Kithgard Mastery level?

You could email to reach the CodeCombat team.
Or you could go to the CodeCombat slack: where some of the team (including nick) are active.

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Trying to clear some confusion here,
Although Coco is open-source, the levels inside it isn’t. So you will probably not find anything regarding certain levels inside the GitHub repo. The “adaptivity” of CoCo levels strictly comes from “Trial and Error” and slowly progressing into level completion using feedbacks+hints given by each level. Might wanna talk to Nick or take a look at this Q/A site regarding CoCo: Let me know if you need anything else.


Thanks a lot for the help guys :smiley: I really appreciate it! Will see if I can contact Nick through Slack.