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Combat.Cleaves Component Issues


OK, so I’m working on the Cleaves component and have a couple questions about how things work in the background.

Here’s the deal, cleave is supposed to attack an arc in front of the unit. My thought is for it to function in 3 possible ways:

self.cleave() - perform the cleave based on the current direction the unit is facing
self.cleave(target) - turn to face the enemy, then perform the cleave
self.cleave(targetPos) - turn to face the position, then perform the cleave

I’m testing things using and it seems that the unit resets his rotation to face east after he finishes moving, is this correct? I’ve set the default python code to show how it works. (Of course the cleaveRadius is ridiculously large for testing purposes.)

Is there a way to give the wizard the ability to tell the unit to orient to a particular position?


Thanks for the great test level; I’ve made a change to Moves that stops resetting the rotation to 0 when a move finishes.

There’s no setRotation method yet, but you could add one to Physical.