"command's argument..." error

This code used to work before and it still does I think but there is an error that appears, this time, I don’t know why I think it might be because of the new update but I don’t know.

Can you take a picture of the game screen when that happens?

I think a Warlock might be reviving your friend while you’re commanding them all, but I can’t be sure.

thi is what happen FWI I have died after this

Seems like the warlock indeed cast a "raise-dead" spell, which is what causes dead allies to change teams.

There are a number of workarounds for this, pick your flavor:

# `findByType()` takes an optional list of units to filter from 
friends = hero.findFriends()
griffins = hero.findByType("griffin-rider", friends)
for griffin in griffins:
  # ...
# or just check if the units are on the same team
griffins = hero.findByType("griffin-rider")
for griffin in griffins:
  if griffin.team == hero.team:
    # ...
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