"Compiler" stuck at moveXY

I am stuck at a beginner level, at commanding followers. I can go to my followers, but i cannot say anything or move from there.
After i write in the code this.moveXY(x,x); the “compiler” is stuck at that line and wont move to the next one, could anyone help me?


Here too!

After moveXY nothing else can be done.

Using Google Chrome Version 34.0.1790.0 canary on Mac OS 10.9

Same here! Using Chrome.

Here too!
chrome and mozilla . help pls

Same problem, Tested … chrome, Mozila, Chromium.
SO Ubuntu 13.10

im getting the same bug too using chrome

same problem on Chrome 32.0.1700.76

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So will anyone help us poor, stuck people? Please!

This level used to be fine.

Got same bug + “Cast” button is out of place.

Having the same issue, but on the “Cowardly Taunt” level. I get stuck on the first line. :frowning:

Fixed. It was a tweak I made to a component which caused this bug, which only reared its head in these certain situations. Sorry about that!

Thanks to esteinborn for posting an issue on github. And thanks for all your patience!