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Concerns and confusion about Campaign Web Dev 2


I feel, and am guessing, I am still very new to the coding world, so apologies ahead of time if this issue was obvious or if my formatting even in this is somehow wrong. Hopefully the help and criticism will help me learn to be better.

I feel that Web Development Campaign is too simple, and am concerned that might be because I am somehow doing it wrong. So far I have been learning through all the levels in Python, but noticed that “Javascript” was in the title of the level. Am I supposed to be doing these levels based on what type it tells me in the title of the level?

Off Topic - I may be new, but any help/criticism on both with my issue and the format I have made this topic in would be greatly appreciated. I really do wish I could pay to be a subscriber, and I am loving all of this so far, so also in advance; thanks for any and all help/criticism I get for all of this.

Edit: I was at the time only half way through the levels on Web Dev Campaign 2, and now it’s forced me into Javascript. This still didn’t erase my original concern or answer my questions, but now I am curious if I should continue this way or go back and learn Javascript prior to taking on this area?


@Xector64 For web development we are learning HTML, CSS and Javascript. As these are the foundation technologies for working with webpages. So you wouldn’t be working with Python in that case.

With the large world levels (game), you can use any of the four current languages. With the web development it will be only HTML-CSS-Javascript, and I believe the newer small world game development is only in Python at the moment? But I believe Javascript may be coming for that…

As far as the difficulty level of the Web development goes, that just means that you are doing well. I am sure that they will be adding many more worlds/levels for web development as time progresses. If you are wanting to continue learning web development there are other places on the web with more content. is one of them.

if you work in Python on a large game world level and all of a sudden it says Javascript, it could be a bug. However, if it is defaulting you over to Javascript now, that would most likely be due to the last world being from the web development campaign. Just change the hero and select Python again.

Continuity break

@nick @maka Should the game default back to the original language used in the main campaign after one is done in the Web Development campaign? I would think that if a player was using one language for the main game it should keep that through to the next major campaign world.


If you were completing our JavaScript ‘primer’ levels in Python, then that is a bug. It should auto-switch you into JavaScript when doing the levels leading up to real WebDev 2 stuff (involving jQuery and $).

We have to prep you with some JavaScript primer levels because we didn’t want to teach ‘fake’ WebDevelopment and hook Python when you would be using JavaScript in the real world.

If your real focus is WebDevelopment, it is important to have a strong foundation with JavaScript… However, being able to use both JavaScript and Python is very powerful in its own right. There will be additional WebDevelopment courses which force JavaScript, so if you can complete the main campaign in Python and switch gears easily into JavaScript for WebDevelopment, you’ll do great.

Also @Harry_the_Wanderer I believe our JavaScript switch for Python players should only be for the JavaScript primer levels as the start of WebDev 2. If their language gets switched permanently when returning to the main campaign, then that is a bug and please report it.


@Serg Thanks, still getting used to all of this yet. I’ll report the bug then, because when I started on WebDev 2 it allowed me to use Python for all the primer levels up until it forced the switch on the first jQuery level, and continued/continues to force the switch till the end of it.

It automatically goes back to python when I go elsewhere, guessing since that is the language I chose to begin with. Is it not normal to be able to change gears and do that? Genuine question, I’m extremely new to all of this yet. I’ve only started learning about a week ago. I’m not sure about things like average learning time/curve, and I imagine quite a few things I’ve yet to learn. I am loving all of it so far though.

Again thanks for the help @Harry_the_Wanderer, and @Serg


no problem, glad to have you here!