Why is the code in javascript, not python?

in game and web dev.2, the code is javascript. there is no way for me (in game dev.2) to save “python”. also in web dev.2 it just doesn’t save

why is this happening?

It’s just not available in python.

I thought web dev should be in html?

then why is game dev 1 in python?

and why are some levels availible in py and some not?

also, @SuperSmacker, this is my screen.

The game dev levels are using Python, and the web dev levels use HTML and JS

also game dev is in js

I think you can choose the language for game dev now, fancy.

no, you can’t. 20 characters

Are you a student? Because I’m sure students can’t choose

No. I’m not (20 chars)

Hmm, that’s weird. How come you got the weird magnet? Also, I found out that mine’s set to Python and can’t change it/

the magnet is for formating, I learned.

It seems like normal subscribers can’t get them

get what???

The magnet. I think thats a student only feature

but I know that I’m not a student OR a teacher

Game Dev levels start with whatever language you were coding in before you got to Game Dev. So if your last level before GD was in Python, your first level in GD is in Python. If it was JS, then you’ll be in JS. We currently do not allow you to switch in the middle of your campaign.

But there’s a workaround – just load the level up, then add ?codeLanguage=python to the end of the URL. If there’s already a ?, you can drop that part. If there’s already a ? and other stuff, use &codeLanguage=python



And you can use =javascript for JavaScript.