Does game dev and web dev 1 and 2 must be done in javascript

I don’t like Javascript and I am forced to do it for the game dev and web dev do I have to here is a screen shot:


Help me with this problem I don’t understand Javascript and I can’t work with it.

I don’t think so, I did it in Python.

Same I did it in python also. Maybe contact support.

You can also change the language by going to game menu and change character and do it that way.

this happened to me before but not on game dev but @Lydia_Song said the answer I think

I don’t think game dev requires it, but web dev does. Unfortunately (for you) javascript is (one of) the languages of the web. It’s essential to modern web pages, so you kind of have to learn it I’m afraid. Also, interesting fact: the reason you put brackets in javascript is so you can run your code without indentation put in by yourself, because it can detect where lines start and end with the ; and when sections end with the }. Very clever, I’m sure you’ll get used to using it.

I have to do I for both and i can’t do Javascript so should I skip out on game dev. I finished web dev 1 and 2