Confusing wording for shield stats

I’m having difficult finding out which shield is better: “polished bronze shield” or “sturdy bronze shield”.

The wording used to describe the shields is confusing. First it says it blocks x percentage of damage, but in the skills granted section it says the hero absorbs x percentage of damage.

Blocking and absorbing are conflicting terms. If I block 30% of damage, I absorb the remaining 70% of the damage. Similarly, if I absorb 70% of the damage, I block the remaining 30% of it. I can’t block and absorb the same percentage of damage.

Considering it is larger for more expensive shields it is “blocks”. Likely “absorbs” was a little clumsy way to express “absorbs without being affected by that part”.

I think you’re right. At the time I only could see those two basic shields, but now I can see higher level shields. So this is only confusing right at the start when you haven’t unlocked many items yet.

I’ve updated the description to say “… the shield blocks X%…”.