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Effective use of the Shield


How do you use a shield effectively in your programs?

Do you use shields to block arrows or wait for weapon cooldowns, let me know!
I am curious as to what solutions people use them for.

-Thank you


Build fire-trap and use shield for 2 second. Effectively to pass re-playable levels with enemy swarms.


You protect yourself with the shield while disposing of a swarm. Fascinating, great idea! Thanks


The damage you receive is reduced while you shield (the amount depends on the shield used, 38-79%, see here), so you mostly use it for tanking. With a sturdy hero and high level armor + helm + shield, you can survive quite long without doing “anything” special…


Anyone use them with a sword? The damage received does not seem worth the time fighting. Maybe I just need better gear, but it does not make sense.


I don’t exactly understand your question, but I try to answer:

  • you use a sword in one hand, to fight (attack);
  • a shield in the other, to defend (=reduce damage, shield) OR sometimes to hit the enemy with it (bash)

Obviously, better equipments have better stats: top shields can reduce damage by 70%+, and deal 100+ damage.


Oh sorry, I guess I was a little vague there. In order to use the shield /trap combo, you need to have a hammer.

Do you ever use a shield with the shield object in a fight with a sword? I know it is possible, but is it economical, is it beneficial to use shield and a sword in a normal fight?