What is the best shield for bashing? (Viking Helmet)

The viking helmet is unlocked by beating an optional level. It has bash times 3! I was wondering, what is the best shield for bashing? And can the bash be upgraded somehow?

Currently, the shield that does the most bash damage is The Monolith, which does around 138 damage. That’s all well and good. However, for players short on gems, the Steel Striker is an excellent alternative.

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I’m not sure it’s the actual damage that is tripled. It might just be the force with which the enemy being bashed is flung away.
If you’re aiming to use it for damage I suggest you do some testing with a cheap shield before you spend a fortune on the most badass shield out there.

In either case it’s a cool effect if you like making munchkins fly!

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Thank you! I will save up for either one.

The Steel Striker Shield cost 830 gems.

I know, I have it now.

Sorry for continuing the topic. Isn’t the Deflector the strongest shield?

that gives you the most health and shield percentage, but not the highest bash damage

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Well, I have the Deflector and the Steel Striker.

i still don’t know which shield gives the greatest kb though.

kb is what???

KB means knock back. [20 chars]

happy birthday, @Chaboi_3000!!

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