Congrats to the Colossus Clash winners!

I just saw that the video and results are out now on the CodeCombat AI League page. Congrats to all the winners!

And well done @Shininglice for dominating the rankings yet again! :+1: Great job coming up with the innovative strategy of the rushing/healing munchkins. It was a lot of fun seeing them break through my fireball barrage.

I had a fun time playing this round, the scenario was complex and capable of evolving in multiple different ways, and it was hard to find a dominant strategy. Thanks to @nick, @Bryukh, and the rest of the CodeCombat team for a fun season!

Hope to see everyone in Iron and Ice!


thanks to everyone for making this my most favorite tournament ever.
I am TheDreadfullSlayer (#1 in 0-11 age bracket). thanks again for every single one of you for participating!


Congratulations to all winners as well. I immensely enjoyed the challenge of this arena, and I canโ€™t wait to participate in the next. I know @Smloh already said so, but congratulations to @Shininglice on winning the triple crown. It was amazing what he did in this arena.


he won codequest as well lol

Code Quest? You mean Battle Of Red Cliffs.



Yeah, thank you everyone for the awesome experience, this was my first coding esports tournament, and i had a blast, learnt a few things here and there, @Shininglice 's strategy was very clever and innovative, i tried to counter it for the few hours the tournament had left, but to no avail, i didnโ€™t succeed, a well deserved win for @Shininglice.
Looking forward to seeing all of you and compete in Iron and Ice, and Tundra Tower Cup next season.