Beta Test Colossus Clash

Welcome brave arena warriors!

We are starting an experiment and launch beta test of the next arena early this time. You can play the next arena already now by this link COLOSSUS CLASH .


  • The arena is not balance and fully ready, so be ready for bugs and absent docs;
  • Save your code locally as we can reset the rating ladder (with your code, sorry);
  • Be ready if API is changed, some mechanics disappear or appear, layout changes and so on;
  • This. Is. Beta. Test;

So your code which worked yesterday can be broken on the next day.

Feel free to post bugs and ideas here, I will try to answer everyone.

And one more – THANK YOU! You are creating CodeCombat AILeague. Without you and your awesome code (I’m reading them and feeling a newbie :slight_smile: ), it would be empty and boring. Thanks!


pretty good but for some reason blue team always loses but sometimes the giants don’t do anything and the units don’t spawn

and nicks using an unbeatable strategy with 16 munchkins and one thrower

To much bugs. It says I lost when I won.

Could you report those bugs? Thats the point of this topic and the beta test - too find them and fix.

Have you played Giants Gate? There are ways how to counteract to crowds of weak units - fireball for example (just dont spend all mana)

I will research this case. Maybe you get an old version, i think its better to use for testing.

I think it was a problem with chooseColossus method on the blue side. Thanks! Fixed.

Yeah, “unbeatable” :slight_smile: Valentin vs Nick
I added 4 lines to the sample code to beat it. As I know Nick’s code is 3 lines different from the sample code. Mostly we are testing for bugs now, the next stage is balancing.

In the sample code, it directly gives me an error for line 8: colossus.special()

Screenshot 2021-10-22 09.41.56

Oh, yeah. You need a target for colossus special (except Talos). Will add a better error message. Thanks!


It says I lost but when I watch the match I won

Can you give a link to the match?

It happened to eleven of my matches.

Ok. Sorry, my telepathic abilities are weak in mornings. Could you tell me your username in the game then?

So in this function, whenever I change the string in point A, it keeps on summoning Okar, or atlas, instead of summoning the colussus that I picked. But when I change the one for point B, everything goes fine.

def choose(place):
    return {
        'A': 'cronus',
        'B': 'cronus'


And that’s when I changed pointB:

Okar still appears when I wanted another colussus for point A but in point B, everything goes fine.

It is fixed already @Bryukh

Its “B” and “C”. I put wrong positions into the sample code (fixed). Colossuses appear on those points. Thanks

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Hmm, i did nothing today. Maybe cache issues. Great, thanks!