Convenient enemy won't work if fast

Hi there,

Hadn’t played in a long time - came back and got stuck after a little bit - apparently my gear was too good in convenient enemy, in that it made me too fast and threw off the rhythm of the level. Is that something to be expected, or is that a bug? (i.e. taking of the speed ring I beat the level with the same code I had before).


I don’t think your hero’s speed plays a factor in the completion of this level.
Enemies spawn in when your hero reaches that final ‘X’, or after the 20-second mark in the level if enemies haven’t spawned yet.

Check your archers. If they spawn in front of your hero, and your hero pushes them outside of their lane, this can cause the archers to not be able to see enemies in their lanes. Or, when your archers see the enemy, they fire arrows, but the arrows might clip the edge of the forest and never hit the target.

Yes, archers being pushed is what happens, but what does that depend on if not the hero’s speed? - I guess I could command them to go to their relative positions after creating them, but that is a bit of extra code (i.e. an array of positions or whatnot)

It’s exactly what I did.

A lot of levels can do funny things and actually become harder with more expensive gear. You can always wear worse gear when that happens.

I tried that level with pender and haste and still success.

I guess if you’re fast enough maybe you go past the figure before summoning them - in my case that happened for most, but then the archer was in front of the hero and was moved by bumping into him… anyway, no biggie, just weird.

Can you send us a video of how you failed?