Suggestion. About making codecombat a smoother experience for students

I suggest that codecombat adds a site with a list of all the methods used on codecombat. I have had countless times where I have needed a method but cannot remember it, and I go to look in methods and the method I need is not there. I have spent hours trying to figure out something that really should only take a few minutes. If there is a place I would love to hear it. I have grades riding on this and I have two portions I need to do in order to pass.

That is an excellent suggestion! But first, is the Methods side-bar not sufficient?:

No because when I go to look for some things they are not there.

What kind of methods are you talking about?
CodeCombat methods, like hero.attack() or programming methods like if and else statements?

Yes this has happened to me too!

Nevermind its just because I forgot to equip the item thats why it wasn’t there :joy:

Like the defeat method im on berserker, and I cannot find it in the methods.

Ok, that is an event, rather than a method. Anyway, you should be seeing this in the side-bar:

wow i never even look at the events part there is a lot of helpful stuff im gonna check it out