Could use some Lost Viking guidance

Having a problem with this level and looking for a bit of guidance.
Coding is Lua

Ill get the hero to the first switch and he’ll take 1 step south before returning and making steps north.

Slide = 10
Switch = 7
Skip = 11

    local s = 1

    if steps % 7 == 0 then
-- Believe the problem has something to do with between here...
        s = -s
           sideSteps = sideSteps + s
-- And here...
    if steps % 11 == 0 then
        sideSteps = sideSteps + s
        if sideSteps < 1 then
        sideSteps = sideSteps + 10
    elseif sideSteps > 10 then
        sideSteps = sideSteps - 10

        steps = steps + 1


Pretty sure there’s supposed to be more code than that, even though I did it in Python.

Also, I do know that there’s a bug in Lost Viking, since when I coded it myself, I keep getting blown up in the last segment of the level. You’ll just have to manually move for the last segment.

Can you provide a video to show where you are mess uping on? (Helps a lot.)


Well I figured out the previous problem however I cant seem to figure out the skipping point…
All the current things I have tried effect his behavior at the second switch, usually causing him to walk dead east or south at a different incremented angle

This is the furthest I can manage

Try finding someone that does Lua. I have no idea about anything in Lua… I’m just the js and python person.

Check the hints, and you’ll find what does skip mean.

Skip: Sidestep twice. So… Do that. And see if it works.

Oh wait. Where is the slide part in your code? Aha! Found the error. You don’t have the slide.

Also, you have to increase sidesteps by 2 for the skip.