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Crawl ways of Kithgardrough the level(practice)

Hi Team,

I am unable to get the level.

Hero must survive
Grab the gems
Avoid being seen by the Ogres
Bonus: No code problem

The language is: Python

We tried the below possibilities

  1. Constructing the fence and collect the gems, but ogres are fast enough to beat us.
  2. We tried moving the pet and move the hero, still ogres beat us.
    Can any one share their idea or how we can achieve the goal.


Hi @mahesh_reddy and welcome to the forum! :partying_face:

Can you show us the code that you have at this level formated as it is described here and a link to the level so I will be able to help you?


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Talking of tactics, have you tried moving backwards and forwards to offset when you cross the passage, meaning you avoid the ogres?