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[Adventurer] Coincrumbs


Forest level Coincrumbs is ready for testing.

It’s an introduction level for item.pos and how to collect items.


if level is designed to be straightforward.
Only 1 successful attempt out of ~20 submit
first typical case
ogre catch me cuz he cut the corners while hero moving straight
second typical case
nearest item is chest of gems so hero move directly into traps


Straightforward code. I failed the level first try, but succeed after removing my Ring of Speed (without changing the code). Is this intentional?

With ring of speed

Without ring of speed

Also, I distinctly remember I’ve completed this level before as Adventurer? Was it on “development” server, not “production”? Is that why the code reset to default (I lost my saved code before)?


My clanmate also encounter a problem with this level. He already removed the ring of speed but still fail. He finally changed from infinity glasses to 5m distance glasses and succeeded the level. After seeing the screenshot I think the items didn’t contribute to the success/failure of the mission. When we get good seed we can pass the level, but unfortunately the default (?) seed is bad so we failed the first try.

First seed

Second seed


It’s forest level. So “Infinity glasses” affect there.

Thanks. I will research this case.


Fixed. The ogre’s speed was reduced by absolute numbers, I changed it to relative.


“twilight glasses” with see through walls?


Yes, “twilight glasses”

level generation system work not as expected
instead of providing new labirint each time you press submit
it move around traps few millimeter left or right
You press submit again and again and level is still same
So it relatively simple to hard code 3 chest solution

Even if the ogre is dead
And you just cross his position
The system thinks you are caught

Is elegant and relatively simple solution for 3 chest of gems exist?


Very interesting solution.

If one just follows the coins they can get to the exit very easily, however getting all of the treasure was sure a challenge. great level!

I submitted a patch for LUA and Coffeescript as well as some grammar updates


In this case you definetly can see chests. it’s a forest level for begginers. if you use high-tier, then you know what you are doing.

I didn’t get you. There are 4 possible mazes. Maybe you are really lucky?

Ha. Good point. Fixed. Thanks!

I don’t know, But I’m sure it’s possible with jumps.