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Creepy ice guy follows me


I created a new account called Albert_Newton6java.
There is this person following me everywhere, but I can’t focus on him/her, or anyone. He/she is labelled as a friend and I have found references to him/her being called Kith, but that’s all I know. I would appreciate some info.:confused::fearful:


Check this topic out: Kith an ice guy


So does that guy follow you because of the hero you have?


Not really…


I haven’t seen kith follow him (sir tharin thunderfist) around. Are you doing dungeon too?


No I am in Sarven Desert but I am doing a few Kithgard levels


No, I mean you looking around in dungeon but you already did it.


Yeah I am. I am using Hattori Hanzo or something like that


It appears he is actually made of gems. Makes more sense.